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What are Gmail Ads?

Gmail ads are at the top of the promotions tab when users use their Gmail account and appear as an ordinary incoming email. Its difference from other mails is that it is only colored and has advertising phrases. While e-mail ads could be edited in the form of text only, nowadays Gmail ads can be designed using visual, video, HTML5 elements and multiple communication formats.

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Gmail ads automatically resize designed images, videos, and text for desktop, mobile, and tablet. Gmail ads can be created in several different formats. The most effective methods are:

  1. Video content,
  2. Fill a form,
  3. App download,
  4. Drawing traffic to the website.

Gmail ads targeting options

While preparing targeting for Gmail ads, identifying the audience most interested in your product or service is very important for ad efficiency. How to advertise Gmail? The answer to this question is; The Google advertising agency chooses the most appropriate Gmail ads targeting options for your business and prepares an e-mail with attractive images and texts for the Gmail ad.

The targetings are as follows;

  1. Demographic Targeting: Targeting is made according to age, gender, language options.
  1. Interests: Targeting is done according to the interests determined among the incoming e-mails of the user.
  2. Keyword Study: Targeting is done according to the keywords in the Gmail platform.
  3. Occupational Targeting: Targeting is done according to the occupation of the users and the occupational sector.
  4. Domain Name Targeting: Targeting is done according to the domain names of the websites that are included in the user’s incoming mails.
  5. Purchasing Information Targeting: Users are targeted according to the user information mails received after their product purchase.

What Did They Say About Us?

At the same time, the answer to the question “How do Gmail ads work?” is to understand the Gmail ad targeting options above. Based on these targeting options, Google finds the most relevant people who are most likely to engage with your brand and delivers the ads.

The Cost of Advertising Gmail

Gmail advertising is charged per click as a model of ads generated through Google Ads. It is the ad model that is displayed on a computer, mobile device or Gmail application. You pay when the user clicks on your ad, not when they see your ad. Therefore, you will use your advertising budget in the most effective way.

Important Tip

As Google stated in its articles, when remarketing ads and Gmail ads are combined, it is possible to make people memorize your brand’s name and keep it in their memories, with Gmail ads when used correctly.

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