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Google advertising is a platform that increases your direct sales and positively affects the number of your customers, providing you with very strong earnings when used correctly.

If you want to advertise successfully on Google, you are at the right place.

Ways to get to the top of Google by advertising:

There are 2 ways to be at the top of the Google search engine. The certain way is through successful Google Ads. Google ads work in the form of an auction (Real Time Bidding).

The way the Google auction works, depending on the current competition, the competition starts when the users find the keywords that match with the keywords you type in your Google ad. And the good one wins.

Another way is to carry out SEO (Search Engine Optimization) studies. It takes months of work and it’s not certain you’ll be on page 1. Although the choice is yours, we recommend that you compete for the 1st page with Google search engine text ads.

Want to be on Page 1? You are absolutely right. Because 70% of users who search on the Google search engine do not visit Pages 2 or 3. So you miss out on a lot of potential customers that will increase your sales.

Why Google Ads?

Because, if 84% of users are going to buy any product or service, they first search for that information through the Google search engine.

What Did They Say About Us?

Google Search Engine Ad Components

If you say, “I want to place Google ads”, that means you will use the power of text ads. The most important factors that should be considered for Google ads and that will lead you to success are as follows;

  1. Title
  2. Description
  3. Final URL
  4. Display URL
  5. Ad Extensions

To Advertise on Google Successfully, it is necessary to have a good understanding of how Google’s intelligent artificial intelligence algorithm works. In this way of working, it is essential to construct strategies that will give you an advantage. However, it is inevitable for advertisements prepared by adapting to changing user behaviors to be successful.


To people who have never advertised on Google search engines before, or to those who say, “I want to advertise on Google”, Google gives everyone a credit of 100 TL for you to have the opportunity to try it.

Important Tip

If you want to advertise on Google and you don’t know where to start, fill out the information form. Get your 100 TL credit and let our expert friends help you in Google ads. 

Or you’ve already tried Google ads and want more powerful ads like remarketing ads. Very exciting! Fill out the information form and let’s get acquainted.

Google ads are not limited to just text ads. At the same time, Google display ads and Google video ads (YouTube Ads) are also very profitable.

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