Imagine reaching more people "in the right place and at the right time" on the Internet!

Wouldn’t it be amazing?

By using advertisement images, you get the opportunity to attract the attention of users.

What is the display network?

The Google Display Network ensures that your message reaches potential customers strategically, in the right place and at the right time, within certain websites and applications.

Where do your ads appear on Google Display ads?

It allows you to present your ads to people on the Internet, on all the websites that come to mind with millions of agreements with Google, on news pages, blogs, Google products such as Gmail or YouTube, by using visuals.


DISCOVER the Power!

It is necessary to better understand the powerful secret of the Google Display network. For example; Imagine a user visits a forum site about “travel abroad” trips. The fact that the user encounters an advertisement image with the theme of “abroad holiday tours” on one side of the forum site he visits shows the advantage we have achieved at the “in the right place and at the right time”. As predicted, the user’s conversion rate to ads increases by 40% compared to ads elsewhere.

Remarketing with Google Display:

It is known that there is a 73% probability of not purchasing a product or service on a website or application that a user encounters for the first time. This figure is quite high. Setting up display advertising and remarketing ads to users who, as advertisers, interact with your business attracts more attention from users who already know about your business. Because display ads (banner ads) are always more interesting. The return on investment of ads with successful Google display advertising can be higher than Google search engine ads.

Why is it important to set goals when planning display campaigns?

While Google Display Targeting, there are 3 options as keyword targeting, topic targeting and placement targeting. Depending on the targeting type you choose, your ads can be published on certain websites where your display ads will be triggered, the subject of the website, which keyword you want the ad to be triggered, or even directly on certain websites.

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Types of Google Display Advertising

There are 2 basic types of Google display ads and responsive display ads.

What is the difference between Google display and responsive display?

In the responsive display ad model, you upload 2 ad images and 2 logo images for the ad image. Google publishes your ad by creating a new square image, a rectangular image according to the most suitable empty space of the websites or applications where your ad will appear, these 4 ad images it receives from you with the “Google Web Designer”.

In the display ad model, you need to work 20 image sizes for the ad image. This ad image is also called banner ads. 17 images are designed for desktops and 3 images for mobile.

The advantage of responsive display advertising is that Google presents the ad images to users by creating several different variations. By trial and error, it finds the image that the user reacts the most to. It makes the ad work more optimized.

What is placement in display advertising?

It is the publication of your display ads on the website or applications you want by determining a few websites and applications that you want your display ad to be published on thousands of websites and applications that Google has contracted with.

Important Tip

Did you know that “in the right place, at the right time” user increases the purchase action 3 times when they encounter your ads? Isn’t it a tremendous effect? Using this method creates a tremendous and natural effect.

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