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If you want to establish new collaborations in professional business life, the right place is the LinkedIn platform, and the right advertising agency is Zincirler Medya. Do you want to expand your social network with new leads and business?

Do you know that LinkedIn is the #1 social network that comes to mind for B2B marketing?

LinkedIn platform is a social media platform for professionals and business life. Today, it can also be defined as your business card on the internet.

LinkedIn members can join networks of professional people they want to communicate with. They can see people’s work experience, work history, education and skills they have specified. Are you ready, individually or as a company, to reach new potential customers and seize the opportunity to establish relationships with new business partners?

Make Your Corporate Promotion to Important Persons

LinkedIn is used by 68 million users in the world and by more than 7 million people in Turkey to improve their careers and businesses. Therefore, you gain great advantages when properly managed to promote your company and establish new collaborations.

It Enables You to Build Strong Collaborations and Business Networks

LinkedIn Account contributes to the institutionalization of your company. It is a platform that needs to be managed professionally, increasing the business network of your corporate company. LinkedIn platform is a module designed for professionals and corporate companies. Everything is geared towards career and business.

What Did They Say About Us?

Therefore, it is necessary to create and manage a LinkedIn profile with a high level of quality that will reflect professionals and companies that want to institutionalize or people who want to use it as an individual career account.

Would you want to increase engagement and awareness of your LinkedIn company page?

  • LinkedIn can be 125% more effective than other platforms for finding leads based on your line of business.
  • Just before making a purchase decision, almost 47% of business-to-business (B2B) buyers conduct research on the LinkedIn platform.

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