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TrueView Discovery Ads

The feature that distinguishes YouTube explore ads from other YouTube ad models is that the video does not start playing by itself. The person must see the discover ad video themselves and click on the video. Video Discover ads are advertising models that invite viewers to click on your ad.

Where Will TrueView Discover Ads Appear?

YouTube TrueView Discover ads appear in the video suggestions section on the YouTube home page and in the relevant videos section on the search page. You can also see this YouTube ad model among the small video suggestions on the right while the viewers are watching a video.

Discover effective and low-cost ads with Trueview discover ads

TrueView Discover Ads Cost:

You pay when viewers notice your ad video and click to watch it. When the viewer clicks on the thumbnail in the ad or clicks on the banner next to the image, you pay a fee of 0.25 TL for a maximum of one click.


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Important Tip

When TrueView Discover video ads are positioned correctly, it provides 50% more advertising efficiency than other ads. If you position your ad by targeting a YouTube channel that is closely related to your product or service, your ad about the subject that is already in the focus of the viewer will be watched carefully by the YouTube viewer and you can easily make the viewer click on the website you want to direct.

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