Impress Your Customers With Your Youtube Videos!

You only pay when your videos are watched.

Impress your customers with Youtube ads.

Skippable In-Stream Video Ads

Your ad video that you want to broadcast is displayed at the beginning of the videos on YouTube, while the video is playing or at the end of the video. Viewers have to watch the ad for 5 seconds. Afterwards, they can skip the ad by clicking “Skip Ad”.

In addition to the impressions in YouTube, it provides the opportunity to be shown on the partner sites in the Display Network and videos in the application area.

Skippable In-Stream ads usage purposes and campaign objectives;

  • New potential customer acquisition,
  • Getting website traffic,
  • Increasing brand awareness and reach.

Skippable In-Stream Advertising Cost;

You are charged per view or for every 1,000 times your ad is shown.

What Did They Say About Us?

Is the Skippable In-Stream Ad Model advantageous?

There is a knowledge that those who do their job well and who are experts in YouTube advertising know; There is a cold audience that is not related to your product or service, and a mild and warmer audience that is related to your brand. By separating these audiences, it is very useful to introduce skippable in-stream ads on YouTube to the audience we call “warm or hot audience”. YouTube calls this thinking system “brand thinking”. It will increase your yield by 35%.

Ask our certified experts for help in Choosing the Right Advertising Model. Determining which YouTube ad model will be right for your brand and the goal you create is vital to your advertising budget.

An Invaluable Hint;

Using the GBM offer in this ad model is advantageous, you will not pay a fee if viewers have watched a portion of your ad video (for example, the first 20 seconds of a 60-minute video) and skipped the ad. You only pay when 30 seconds of your ad video is watched, or if your video is less than 30 seconds, when your entire video is watched.

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