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Website Design

Having a website is as important as social media for a business. With the spread of concepts such as e-commerce, the importance of websites in the business world has increased. In this context, new generation services such as web design have emerged for businesses that want to have a website. To simply put; web design can be defined as the process of preparing websites that are tailored to user needs and that can interact with visitors in a meaningful way.


Responsive Website with Contemporary Web Design Approaches

Responsive websites are structures that work on different devices, windows or scales without compromising the general design lines. At this point, new generation web design techniques are used to design a responsive website. These techniques, which include modern topics such as user experience and user interface design, help the site to be designed in line with the values promised by the business. The details that an inclusive and effective web design service should include can be listed under the following headings.

  1. Video content,
  2. Fill a form,
  3. App download,
  4. Drawing traffic to the website.

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Responsive Interface

As mentioned above, responsive websites are structures that enable the interface to be designed to respond in different units, scales and devices. Especially modern content management systems such as WordPress allow designs that can be scaled directly to the platform. WordPress site infrastructure, which is widely used in the business world, offers a 100% responsive experience to its users with the flexible features it provides.

User Interface & User Experience Design

One of the most important factors in the web sites to be published is that the site is designed in a framework that will enrich the user experience. At this point, UI & UX design approaches aim to publish the site in a way that users can use it most efficiently. Details such as category structures, which navigation buttons where to be used, the location of communication and call-to-action breakdowns on the page are determined during the design process. In this way, all factors are completed perfectly by the user before the site goes live.

Content Development & SEO Practices

No matter how good the design is, if the content is not saturated enough, that site does not promise a good experience to the user. At this point, workloads such as determining the category architecture of the site, designing the landing page and writing the relevant content are also part of the web design process. Apart from this, search engine optimization is an approach that ensures that the site can be found by relevant users. If the necessary SEO techniques are not applied in the design process, the site cannot easily reach the relevant users through organic means.

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