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YouTube Bumper Video Ads

The secret of this YouTube ad model is that it is the most ideal YouTube ad model to increase brand awareness and familiarity. Because the ad video cannot be longer or shorter than 6 seconds. With the YouTube Bumper video advertising model, the audience can be exposed to the brand for the first time. An ad video that is long enough to be catchy and short enough not to be boring can create the perfect brand awareness ad.

A Successful YouTube Bumper Video Advertising Model

The viewers cannot skip the 6-second bumper ad. The viewers have to wait until the ad video ends to return to the video they watched. Therefore, the brand should convey the message it wants to convey to the audience quickly and effectively.

Where are YouTube Bumper video ads shown?

Bumper video ads are displayed at the beginning of the videos on YouTube channels, during the video, or after the video ends.

YouTube Bumper Video Ads Cost

If you want to advertise with the Bumper video ad model, you pay based on the views. You pay for every 1,000 views. This bid strategy is called cost-per-thousand views (CPTV).

A successful YouTube Bumper ad model should include the following features;

  1. It is an announcement for the new product or service that the brand wants to promote,
  2. If the brand is new, turning your brand’s announcement into a striking message,
  3. Creating reminder ads in order to create brand awareness on the audience,
  4. Ads to strengthen the interaction between the brand and the audience.

What Did They Say About Us?

Important Tip 1

How to advertise effectively in YouTube Bumper ads in 6 seconds?

  1. Simplify: Prepare a short, fully focusedmessage,
  2. The fact that the ad is loaded with more visuals  and less text increases its memorability,
  3. Make sure that the image of the product is fully visibleon the scene due to the short time..

Important Tip 2

If your brand has not yet started YouTube ads, if you want to open your brand to a wider audience by conducting brand awareness studies, 6-second bumper ads will be very advantageous for you. The fact that the ad duration is quite short means that the viewer can watch the entire ad without being distracted.

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